Old world style, new world flavor

Long-Term Wine Co. brings together the earthy fruit character of Napa Valley with the classic complexity of Cabernet. The goal of LTWC is to let the quality of Napa Valley Cabernet shine vintage to vintage. What you’ll find is the juicy flavor of Napa Valley’s warm climate carried through a body of polished tannin and pleasing length, a balanced wine with alluring flavor. Napa’s heritage Cabernet reaches to the best of Bordeaux, offering the excellence of the Old World with the fresh flavors of California. LTWC captures such heritage, giving the highest quality at a beautiful price.


Iconic Napa Valley sources

Convexity draws on fruit from two iconic vineyards in the Southern portions of Napa Valley — Red Hen Vineyard and Vare Vineyard.

Red Hen Vineyard

The historic Red Hen Vineyard nestles into a curve of Dry Creek in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley. Planted in thin soils atop layers of cobble, Red Hen Vineyard grows top quality fruit at low yields. Grapes from this site consistently offer all the benefits of a wine that can age. In Cabernet the vineyard tends to produce dark fruit flavors with red berry accents. The Red Hen Vineyard was historically planted for and run by the Church, with wine made by the Christian Brothers from the 1950s through the 1970s. The vineyard was then rediscovered as a top quality site in the early 2000s by winemaker Steve Matthiasson.

Vare Vineyard

The Vare Vineyard is planted on a tiny section of land directly beside the creek in the Dry Creek Canyon of Napa Valley. Hugged against the hillside, the vineyard grows from one of the cooler areas at the Southern part of Napa Valley. Thanks to the creek, Vare Vineyard brings together well-draining, alluvial gravel with the cool-air drainage descending from the hilltops. As a result, Vare Vineyard Cabernet consistently offers juicy flavors that linger on the palate.

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